The Next Generation of Shopping

IndaMix Video Series

Check out our first video where Indix CEO and Founder, Sanjay Parthasarathy breaks down the 4 pieces that will drive the next generation of shopping:

  • Multi-sensory Product Discovery
  • The Infinite Shelf
  • Infinite Channels
  • Perfect Personalization



Explore Product Data

Data Chart

Explore our product data with our Data Explorer tool! Although the tool contains only a small subset of our data and doesn’t appear in the JSON or delimited formats that we deliver to our customers, it allows you to get a sense of the data you get from Indix.

Explore Data

About Indix

At Indix, we’re building the world’s largest Product Platform. We collect product offers data such as price, availability, and seller information along with product catalog data like code-based identifiers and attributes from a combination of the web and our partners.

We use AI and machine learning to gather, structure, clean, and verify product information from thousands of websites and feeds. Then surface this product information through our Product API and Product Feeds.

Businesses and developers harness the power of product information from Indix to make better decisions and sell more products. You can use the data in countless ways to meet your product search and market analysis needs. View our blog for more insights or request a demo.

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