Maximize Discovery in the Age of Amazon

Amazon Top Seller Report by Indix

In the age of Amazon, discoverability is more important than ever. With Indix's data asset of 1.2 billion products provides valuable information that could help retailers and brands have visibility into the top reviewed products on Amazon.  

Download the full report to discover: 

  • Categorical assortment gap analysis   
  • Biggest influencers in shoppers purchasing decisions 
  • How to utilize these insights 
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More About Indix


At Indix, we’re building the world’s largest Product Platform.

We collect product offers data such as price, availability, and seller information along with product catalog data like code-based identifiers and attributes from a combination of the web and our partners.

We use AI and machine learning to gather, structure, clean, and verify product information from thousands of websites and feeds, and then surface this product information through our Product API and Product Feeds. By connecting to the Indix Product API or using Product Feeds, you can easily access data on over a billion products. 


Businesses and developers harness the power of product information from Indix to make better decisions, drive innovation, and sell more products. You can use the data in countless ways to meet your product search, discovery, and market analysis needs.